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Under The Skin Digital Copy Download Code VUDU HD HDX

Under The Skin Digital Copy Download Code VUDU HD HDX


In Glasgow, Scotland, a motorcyclist (Jeremy McWilliams) retrieves an inert young woman (Lynsey Taylor Mackay) from the roadside and places her in the back of a van. A naked woman (Scarlett Johansson) dons her clothes, then goes to a shopping centre and buys clothes and make-up. In the sky above, lights scatter.

The woman drives the van around Scotland, picking up men on the street. She lures a man (Joe Szula) to a dilapidated house and into a black void; as he undresses, following her into the darkness, he is submerged in a liquid abyss.

At a beach, the woman attempts to pick up a swimmer (Kryštof Hádek). Their exchange is interrupted by the cries of a drowning couple. The swimmer rushes into the ocean and manages to rescue the husband, who rushes back into the water to save his wife. The woman strikes the swimmer's head with a rock, drags him to the van, and drives away, ignoring the couple's distraught baby. Later that night, the motorcyclist retrieves the swimmer's belongings, ignoring the baby, who is still on the beach. The next day the woman listens to a radio report about the missing family.

The woman visits a nightclub and picks up another man (Paul Brannigan). At the house, he follows her into the void and is submerged in the liquid. Suspended beneath the surface, he sees the swimmer floating naked beside him, alive but bloated and almost immobile. When he reaches to touch him, the swimmer's body collapses, leaving empty skin behind. A red mass disappears down a trough.

The woman walks the streets, observing people in their daily lives; when she trips, strangers help her up. She seduces a lonely man with facial disfigurement (Adam Pearson). After studying herself in a mirror, she lets him leave and drives to the Scottish Highlands. The motorcyclist intercepts the man and bundles him into a car, then sets out in pursuit of the woman with three other motorcyclists.

The woman abandons the van in the fog. She walks to a restaurant and attempts to eat cake, but retches and spits it out. At a bus stop, she meets a man (Michael Moreland) who offers to help her. At his house, they eat and watch television, and she attempts to tap her finger to music. Alone in her room, she examines her body in a mirror. They visit a ruined castle, where the man carries her over a puddle and helps her down some steps. At his house, they kiss and begin to have sex, but she stops and examines her genitals, alarmed.

The woman wanders in a forest, meets a commercial logger (Dave Acton), and takes shelter in a bothy. She is woken by the logger molesting her. After she runs into the forest, he catches her and attempts to rape her. In the struggle, he tears skin from her back, revealing a black, featureless body. As the woman extricates herself from her skin, the logger douses her in fuel and burns her alive.


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